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Bridget's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things that Would Happen if Gargoyles Crossed with Star Trek. (in no particuler order)

  1. Demona would tell Goliath "I sense what your feeling"
  2. Coldstone would want to start dating Demona
  3. Picard wouldn't let Mr. X take over the world
  4. Diane Maza would have trouble opening a hailing Frequency
  5. Demona would blow Troi's mothers head off
  6. Demona would be Mr. X phyco immortal exgirlfriend
  7. Mr. X would reprogram Data for evil purposes
  8. Mr. X would mistake Q for Puck
  9. Diana Maza would look awful in those skimpy Star Trek uniforms
  10. Titania would return Voyger home with a wave of a finger

Bridget McInnis