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Brian's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things That SHOULD Be On Gargoyles

  1. Some crossovers with comic characters (Imagine:Wolverine vs. Goliath)
  2. Large Purple Monkeys (How did THAT get in there?)
  3. Lexington doing something else in a fight besides getting the crap beaten outta him.
  4. How the Gargoyles get electricity up there.
  5. Why the heck noone but Elisa goes to the clock tower.
  6. Me
  7. Goliath not in a bad mood
  8. Purple Monkeys (Again?)
  9. Xanatos actually getting HURT sometime.
    and the number one thing that should be on Gargoyles is:
  10. Somehow explaining how Elisa broke that habit of falling out of skyskrapers

Brian "Lexington" Solomon