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Brian's Top Ten List

Top Ten things that I wish to Oberon were on Gargoyles:

  1. David Xanatos learning that Owen is the father of Fox's kid. :)
  2. Angela and/or Lexington actually kicking butt.
  3. Goliath and Demona in a custody battle for Angela.
  4. Broklyn's reaction to meeting Angela after going 1000 years without a date....
  5. ...And his subsequent reaction when he finds out who her father is.
  6. Patrick Stewart and/or William Shatner guest staring.
  7. Any gargoyle that turns to stone by day "sleeping in". (" night?" "Naa, he's just sleeping in!")
  8. MacBeth collecting the royalties he is owed from Shakespeare's play.
  9. Elisa and Matt investigat UFO sightings, unexplained phenomina, government conspiracies, supernatural killers...("The truth is out there, Elisa, but trust no one")
    and the number one thing I wish to Oberon that they would show on Gargoyles:
  10. Hudson actually hacking someone's head off with that huge sword of his!

Brian MacDonald