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Bethany's and Becky's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things We Would Like to See on Gargoyles:

  1. Owen trying to itch his nose with his stone hand!!!
  2. Oberon trying to iron his shorts.
  3. We second the ideas of Xanatos getting kicked in the balls.
  4. Elisa beat the crap out of Demona (No bazookas allowed!!!)
  5. Broadway becoming so fat that the Jet Stream could not carry him.
  6. The clan learns synchronized swimming.
  7. Goliath having to run out and buy pads for Elisa.
  8. Goliath having to explain to Angela about.... Well, you know. (Refer to number four)
  9. Us on the show.
    and the number one thing that we would like to see on Gargoyles is:
  10. Someone forgetting to starch Goliath's loincloth!!! :-)

Top Ten things That we Would like to See Owen do:

  1. Show his teeth.
  2. Outsmart Xanatos.
  3. Have a secret affair with Fox.
  4. Change clothes.
  5. Let it all hang out.
  6. Spit from the top of Castle Wyvern.
  7. Pierce his nipples.
  8. Get tattoo of naked... nevermind.
  9. Disco
    and the number one thing we would like to see Owen do is:
  10. Paint a face on his butt and go around talking to people.

Bethany "Eeyore" Iwanski and Becky Niemiec