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Benjamin's Top Ten List

Top Ten Songs I'd Like to See Done by Supporting Gargoyles Characters:

  1. Macbeth, Odin, and the Magus: She's Got Legs (ZZ top)
  2. Robbins: Blind man
  3. The Archmage: that old Black Magic
  4. Matt Bluestone: Spy Hard
  5. Griff, King Arthur and any other London Characters: Camelot (from Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
  6. Taurus, Coldstone, Oberon, Hakon, and Wolf: Macho man
  7. Owen: anything by Tom Jones
  8. Petros Xanatos: If I were a Rich man
  9. Thailog: Man in the mirror
  10. Fang and Claw: Hakuna Matatah

Benjamin Feld