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Becky's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Secrets About Owen (pre-Puck knowlegde)

  1. He has a tragic medical problem in which he can't laugh
  2. He's not really Brittish. He's Canadian
  3. He's really a woman!
  4. He's always been stone. That dip in the pool just washed off the paint!
  5. Smithers is his long lost brother
  6. He's not a natural blonde
  7. He's never heard of nasal spray
  8. He doesn't really exist; he's a cartoon character!
  9. His real name is Bubba-Joe-Bob-Ray
    and the number one Secret About Owen Is...
  10. There's something going on between him and Xanatos that the censors won't let us know about

Top Ten Crossovers I'd Like To See:

  1. Lex on Home Improvement ("More power! Argh argh argh!!")
  2. Xanatos on Home Improvement ("More Power! Argh argh argh!!")
  3. Elisa on NYPD Blue
  4. Brooklyn on Friends
  5. Broadway on the Frugal Gormet
  6. Owen on the Price is Right
  7. All Gargoyles in any musical
  8. Fox and Xanatos on Pinky and the Brain (quote not necessary)
  9. Goliath on Muppets Tonight
    and the number one Crossover I'd like to See:
  10. Demona on Barney ("I love you, you love me..." KABAM!! Polyester flys everywhere!!)

Becky Veverka