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Batya's and Constance's Top Ten List

The Top 10 worst Nightmares of David Xanatos

  1. New York City Buildings Commissioner prosecutes because Castle Wyvern violates six zoning laws
  2. "Alexander Thailog announced today his purchase of Xanatos Enterprises for one billion dollars...."
  3. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot run amuck in Castle Wyvern...and name Xanatos their new Special Friend
  4. One word: Bifocals
  5. Owen quits and is replaced by Fran Drescher's character on The Nanny
  6. "But Dad, I don't want to take over the business! I want to take a vow of poverty and go join a commune!"
  7. Hyena transfers her affections from Coyote to the...original model
  8. "David, I'm leaving you--and I'm taking the kid with me!"
  9. His robotic Steel Clan exo-suit takes on a mind of its own. While he's inside it
    And the worst nightmare of David Xanatos:
  10. "Commander? Will? Will, can you hear me? Wake up, it's Deanna...."

Constance Cochran & Batya Levin