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Auburn Red's Top Ten List

Top Ten Great Crossover Ideas with Gargoyles

  1. X-Over with the Mrs. Murphy Series by Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Brown (Bronx makes a friend with Tee Tucker, and finally Tucker has the advantage over Mrs. Murphy. Harry Haristeen takes the gang line dancing to which Broadways trips into the other dancers.The Gargoyles find the Civil War Reenactment diverting, but can't understand why the soldiers get up after being shot: "What kind of sorcery is this?" After Big Mim Sandbourne gets onto her usual high horse, Xanatos reminds her that he is "richer than most countries you can name." Owen catches one of the characters stealing antiques from him and tells him "in a year's time you will be ruined by a woman and friends of hers that you never expected," then disappears.)
  2. X-Over with Inu-Yasha (Kikyo and Demona compare getting after old boyfriend's stories, Kagome and Elisa talk about their wierd experiences with new wierd characters, Brooklyn and Inu-Yasha have many verbal arguments. Hudson gets disgusted with Miyoga's leaving the scene of the battle and takes him on with "the back o' (his) sword." Shippo engages in a staring contest with Lexington and loses.....during the day)
  3. X-Over with House M.D. (House investigates the mysterious illness of one of the Gargoyles: "Nope definately, lycanthropy." Foreman makes an enemy of Elisa after dissing the Gargoyles to her cousin, his drug rep. girlfriend, Wilson meets Puck who tells him "your great uncle played me better." Chase discovers some pointy eared relatives of his late mother he never knew about. Xanatos engages in a hostile takeover of PPTH with Vogler)
  4. X-Over with Sex and the City (Hey it's set in New York. Carrie gets mugged and is saved some "winged wierdos," and discoverd they scratched her strappie shoes. Samantha attempts to seduce Owen to bring a smile on his face. Miranda wonders if the gargoyles are properly represented in their battles with the Quarrymen, and wonders why most human men aren't as loyal. Charlotte receives a prophecy from Puck that tells her they will find love "after long merry chases.")
  5. X-Over with Star Trek: The Next Generation (For obvious reasons.)
  6. X-Over with Lord of the Rings (Aragorn and Goliath team up against the Uruk-Hai, Puck and Legolas compare big ears and long hair as Puck plays jokes on him. Macbeth wonders why Gimli sounds so "awful bloody familiar." Oberon reunites with his old friend, Elrond and the two get into a conversation about magical talismans and wayward children. Merry, Pippin, and the Trio set off some wicked fireworks!)
  7. X-Over with Supernatural (Dean and Sam investigate the wierd "monsters that come to life in Manhatten" and get their fair share of gargoyles, fairies, sorcerors, geneticists, and mad gargoyle ladies with bazookas)
  8. X-Over with Medium (Allison gets wierd dreams of monsters "flying down to catch a woman in a red jacket." She goes and meets the gargoyles. Maybe even has her dreams tampered with by Puck.)
  9. X-Over with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Hudson and Allan Quatermaine engage in a "grumpy old men" contest over the kids these days, Lexington and Nemo work together to tinker with the Nautilus, Brooklyn and Tom have wild nights on the town complete with motorcycles, rifles, and Nemo's car. Dorian finds a unique ally with one, Dominique Destine. Xanatos receives an offer from M/Moriarty to engage in his experiments and when Mr. X refuses, he pays Sevarius more money to work for him).
  10. X-Over with Kingdom Hearts (The Gargoyles and the trio battle the Heartless. Donald and Brooklyn lose their tempers and start yelling at each other. Leon becomes one of King Arthur's knights and becomes friendly enemies with Griff. Puck has a reunion with one of his least favorite relatives. Xanatos nearly gets tempted by the Heartless, but develops one of his "clever diabolical schemes" to help himself, Mickey, and Rykuu escape).
  11. And a Bonus Number One Crossover Idea (Making the total Eleven, but never mind): X-Over with just about any movie, series, or book with fairies like Fantasia,Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Black Cauldron, The Ill Met by Moonlight series by Sarah Hoyt, O Brother Where Art Thou?, and some very unexpected ones with surprising family ties to Avalon, such as The Music Man, Evita, Twilight Zone, Fantasy Island, and many others (I'm working on it alright?) :D

Auburn Red