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Anton's Top Ten List

The Top Ten Things That You Just Gotta Ask Yourself About "GARGOYLES":

  1. If gargoyles rejuvinate during the day, why is Hudson blind and has a scar in one eye?
  2. In the episode "Metamorphosis", Dr. Anton Sevarius said that gargoyles needed to collect solar energy during the day. If this is true, how does Demona get her energy?
  3. What did the gargoyles do with all the stone skin that must have accumulathed when they lived in the clock tower?
  4. How come every once in a while, swords and loin cloths turn to stone during the day?
  5. How come Broadway is the only gargoyle that eats?
  6. Do gargoyles need to use the washroom. And if they do...
  7. ...did they have to creep down into the police station to do so?
  8. Did the gargoyles get cable in the clock tower? (I mean for Hudson)
  9. Does Bronx ever need to be taken down to the front lawn to do "his buisness"?
    and the number one question you just gotta ask yourself about "GARGOYLES" is
  10. How did Lexington get to be so bloody smart? (it's not like they had computers and electronics 1002 years ago!)

Anton Degroot