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Andrew's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard at the Xanatos Enterprises Personnel Office:

  1. "No, we do not think the company uniform resembles 'Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future'."
  2. "Don't worry about the medical plan. No one has lived long enough to collect."
  3. "Remember: ALWAYS let Mrs. Xanatos win two out of three."
  4. "You know, this is the 100th time this month we've had to submit a claim for 'injured by falling rubble' to Worker's Comp..."
  5. "You're the new guy, huh? A little tip: keep looking up. It comes in handy."
  6. "I'm sorry, but you need six months seniority before you can check out the death-ray."
  7. "Yes, genetically-engineered fangs are covered under the dental plan."
  8. "Violation of our non-smoking policy is punishable by summary execution."
  9. "We'll be deducting a month's salary from your paycheque. I don't care if you had to escape the 10th century--tardiness will not be tolerated!"
    and the number one thing Overhead at the XE Personnel Office is:
  10. "Actually, good aim is not a prerequisite for the job."

Andrew Weitzman