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Andrew's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I'd Like to See on Gargoyles

  1. Someone actually noticing these big things in the sky with 20-ft wingspans when it's not a fight scene
  2. Somebody noticing that there are now gargoyles on the clock tower when there weren't before
  3. Somebody noticing that the poses on the gargoyles are different each day
  4. Somebody sent to find out what those little pieces of rock that fall from the clock tower nightly come from
  5. Where the little pieces of rock that fall inside the tower go
  6. Goliath and Elisa actually kissing
  7. What a 1/2 gargoyle 1/2 human would be like
  8. Someone reporting the Gargoyles
  9. The Gargoyles trying to get in/out of the precipice on a half hour
    and the number one thing I'd like to see:
  10. Whether/where the Gargoyles go to the bathroom

Andrew Davis