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Ami's Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That the Writers Have Been Whatching Too Much Anime

  1. Goliath starts smacking people with a giant mallet whenever he gets mad
  2. Mr. Renard regains his strength and becomes a panty thief
  3. The gargoyles and Elisa visit The Destiny Manufacture's Bureau
  4. Every time the gargoyles fight a bad guy they say "For the moon I will fight you!"
  5. In moments of extreme silliness the gargoyles & Co. become Super Deformed
  6. Xanatos starts building lots of giant robots
  7. The gargoyles and Elisa go to a public bath, and all the boys try to peek at the girls side
  8. Goliath accidentaly falls on Elisa and grabbs something he shouldn't have (if you know what I mean)
  9. The gargoyles and Elisa visit the cursed training grounds of Jusenkyo, China
  10. Elisa starts calling Goliath "Darling"

Ami Weeks