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Amanda's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Bad Things that would Suck if it Happend While Watching a New Episode of Gargoyles

  1. Your trying to watch it and there's a knock on the door.
  2. People walk into the room and start talking loudly forgeting your there.
  3. You forget to tape it!!!
  4. You don't get the tape ready in time to record because you were busy taking out the trash
  5. Your rookery sibs pester you though out the show.
  6. You don't have a VCR.
  7. If your parents deside to watch something else and make you change it!!! (that happend to me once)
  8. Parents won't let you because you have to clean your room
  9. Your out on a outting and lose track of time.
  10. A power outtage!!! It is all the powerplant's fault. The idiots messed up the power and the whole neighberhood goes out!!! (That also happened to me once)

Top Ten Things if STAR TREK: TNG/ and One DS9, Crosses with Gargoyles:

  1. Troi & Demona (in her human form) in a hand to hand combat at high noon with Worf saying "well, this is diverting."
  2. Xanatos in bed with the human Demona
  3. Fox catches Xanatos in bed with Troi
  4. Xanatos and Riker fighting for the holograghic 'Minuet'
  5. Coldstone and Worf in a bat'leth tourment
  6. Puck stabbing Troi in the turbolift
  7. Xanatos prancing around the holodeck in Demona's warror garb
  8. Sisko and Goliath would fight for Elisa
  9. Data(with the emotion chip) would make fun of Demona's hair and she would try to kick his butt, only he would win because he's stronger and would vaperize her with a type two phazer.
  10. Demona would find a magical talisment to capture 'Q' and they would try to take over the 24th century. Q just might do it. Then again she has NO sense of humor.

Top Six Things They SHOULD Do to 'Margot Yale'

  1. Demona should get her instead of Elisa. (I mean Margo deserves it. Elisa never started anything with Demona to begin with.)
  2. Jump her in central park and Die her hair blue and cut it.
  3. Strap her down and tatoo' I love gargoyles' and watch her tring to get away from the Quarrymen and an angry mob
  4. Send her to Japan.
  5. Brendan tell her to 'f' off, and leave her. (I know I shouldn't have put that there)
  6. It's a shame that Goliath Destroyed the Phoenix Gate or Else They COULD have sent her to the past, and her be burned because she was believed to be a Witch. (see THE JOURNEY)