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A.J.'s Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I Would Like to See on Gargoyles

  1. Macbeth reaction when Demona gets hit by a car
  2. Bronx and Radeka's puppies
  3. A travelers guide to Avalon
  4. The wierd Sisters relatives: The wierd 2nd cousins (twice removed)
  5. Eliza reacting to Broadway's morning breath (or night breath)
  6. Xanatos's dad vs. Eliza's Mom
  7. Xanatos saying "yes dear" to Fox.
  8. Sombody older than Hudson
  9. Broadway using the Eye of Odin to conjure up a Sandwich
    and the number one thing I Would Like to See on Gargoyles
  10. A constipated Goliath

A.J. Snakeboxer